Ahmed Janabi responds to W’s demand to tell the good news

There were a number of reports that brought up the embarrassing truth about “good news” claims regarding reopening schools and hospitals (i.e., that they were never closed). Here are a couple more points in the propaganda v. reality list:

White House press release 10/11/03: We intend to establish computer training and English language instruction and vocational programs to help Iraqis participate fully in the global economy.

With our assistance, Iraqis are building the roads and ports and railways necessary for commerce.

Ahmed Janabi, Qatar 10/22/03: Iraq started assembling computers in 1985. Computer training in Iraq was declared as an obligatory academic subject in 1986. All university students in Iraq — regardless of their specialization — were studying computer science until 1990. In 1995 after five years of U.S.-enforced sanctions, nearly 90 percent of Iraq’s university students were graduating from university without ever sitting behind a computer. Computers became a luxury.

As for the English language, it has been an obligatory school subject in Iraq for decades. Pupils used to study English in their fifth elementary year. In the 1970s, schools were instructed to teach pupils the English language in their second elementary year.

[And, as for the roads, in] 1982, highways linked Iraq’s borders from the east, west, north and south. Between 1980 and 1982, Baghdad and Iraq’s main cities were filled with motorways, tunnels, conference palaces, five star hotels, and the entire infrastructure needed for a civilized metropolis. The world must also not forget that U.S. warplanes and missiles had been destroying Iraq’s infrastructure throughout 1991-2003. It is a moral commitment that the U.S. would reconstruct what it destroyed. It shouldn’t be phrased as a favor for the Iraqi people who suffered a lot because the U.S. had strongly backed the sanctions on their country that put them in a large cage with Saddam Hussein for thirteen years.

But if it makes you feel better, just read the press releases.

….do what you want….you will anyway.

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