In pictures: Anger over killing

by Ahmed Janabi

Tunisia has been roiled by protests after an opposition politician was shot dead outside his home.

Angry demonstrators gathered in front of the Tunisian Ministry of Interior at the heart of the Tunisian capital, protesting the assassination of Shokri Belaid, leader of the Democratic Patriots party.
They held Minister of Interior Ali al-Areid responsible for the assassination and called for his immediate resignation, shouting “Leave, leave!”
A protester holds a sign reading, “Today Shokri, who will it be tomorrow?” outside the Tunisian Ministry of Interior in Tunis.
The demonstrators accused Rachid Ghannouchi of the Islamist Ennahda party of being involved in the “miserable situation” in their country.
Omar bin Ali, a member of the Trade Union, was present at the demonstration site and told Al Jazeera that the Islamists are responsible. “This is what they have been calling for in mosques,” he said.
“Tunisia is a friend of all. It is hard to think of anyone from abroad to do this to us,” added Omar bin Ali, ruling out the possibility of external factors in the killing.
Protesters chanted slogans calling for for a “fresh revolution”.
Hamadi Jebali, Tunisia(***)s prime minister, has said that he will dissolve the Islamist-led government and form a national unity administration on Wednesday.
Violent clashes between Belaid(***)s supporters and police along the main Habib Borguiba Avenue were reported.
Anti-government protesters clashed with police, who retaliated with tear gas.
The police used tear gas and batons to disperse the protesters and made numerous arrests.
As the protests intensified, four Tunisian opposition groups, including the Popular Front, of which the Democratic Patriots is a component, announced they were pulling out of the national assembly and called for a general strike.
Belaid had been critical of Tunisia’s leadership, especially the Islamist party Ennahda that dominates the government.
Earlier, crowds of mourners, chanting “the people want the fall of the regime”, crowded around an ambulance carrying Belaid’s body.

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