Buffer zone angers Palestinians

The Ruling Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) says it will hold Israel responsible for any consequences of its decision to establish a buffer zone in northern Gaza.

Zarqawi v Iraqis: Conflict of interest?

Iraqi and US forces have been witnessing increasing signs of citizens tipping-off al-Qaida members within Anbar governorate, which used to be al-Qaida’s safe heaven for the past 31 months.

Iran presses Baghdad on US pull-out

Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has called on Iraqis to demand a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops, stressing that the US is responsible for Iraq’s suffering. Khamenei made his call as he welcomed the visiting Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Tuesday.  Khamenei also argued it was the US that was to blame for the ongoingContinue reading “Iran presses Baghdad on US pull-out”

Everyone is a target in Iraq

Nowadays in post-invasion Iraq, everybody is on somebody’s hit-list. Different political groups have emerged with contradictory interests and views, and some are resorting to violence against rivals.

Saddam asks to meet ex-US official

Lawyers for former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein have said he has asked to meet a former US attorney general who is a member of his defence team, but he is yet to hear from the authorities.


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